Hi! We’re Paligo

Paligo is a company founded by a group of rather unusual developers.
We all have a deep passion for technical communication!

Paligo was founded on the simple idea that technical communication can be done better and more efficiently.

Most of the team at Paligo has worked over the last 15-20 years in the field of technical communication, single-sourcing, XML development and topic-based authoring, with everything from authoring to implementing Component Content Management Systems (CCMS).

We believe that technical documentation tools have been lagging behind the otherwise fast-paced changes in the world of technology. We’re now changing that – Paligo is the tool we always wanted as technical communication specialists!

Through our partners we can also offer consulting, such as senior technical writers, illustrators, XML developers, project managers, information designers, and information architects.



Oxygen (SyncroSoft)

SyncroSoft are providers of the exceptional XML editor Oxygen. Whether you require an easy-to-use editor for structured content creation or if you are a developer in XSLT (or other related technologies), oXygen provides an excellent cross-platform product that will meet your needs.

Paligo also provides a plugin to directly connect through Oxygen to the Paligo CCMS.



Expertinfo is a consulting company focused on technical documentation, information architecture, “plain language” consulting, XML development and Content Management. Most of the consultants at Expertinfo have worked 15-20 years or more within their respective areas of specialization. Expertinfo is also where many of the team at Paligo come from originally, with a firm base in the business of technical documentation.