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How to Create a Taxonomy from Scratch with Findability in Mind

Working in a team of technical writers has challenges that, for the most part, revolve around creating an organization system for your content that works for everyone. 


Balancing Visuals and Text in Technical Documentation

Technical writers are experts at determining topic organization, tone, flow, and verbiage when it comes to documentation.


Learning Structured Authoring: Tips From an Engineer

Technical communicators, documentation specialists, technical content writers - we all come from different professional backgrounds. No matter whether we specialize in…

Migration of documentation to Paligo CCMS

How to Prioritize Documentation: Managing Your Technical Writing Backlog

A common issue many technical writers face is the dreaded backlog. When, despite your best efforts, work keeps piling up due to new documentation and maintenance requests.

Part 2: Identify and Fix Underperforming Documentation

In Part 1, I showed you how to identify the areas in your documentation that need to improve. But how do you actually fix underperforming documentation? Here are some steps to…

Part 1: Identify and Fix Underperforming Documentation

Your technical writing team has an impactful role in supporting and improving the organization through effective documentation. Your documentation is a critical direct connection…

Creating a documentation strategy for a new or updated product

A documentation strategy is a plan to develop, publish, and maintain documentation that supports a product, technology, or concept. But how do you build a documentation strategy?