Auto Translate Content

A convenient and fast way to get started with a translation is auto translation. By default, Paligo uses Google Translate as the machine translation provider. Besides auto translating text segments one-by-one, you can also auto translate an entire document:

  1. Open the tool menu at the top of the translation view (the cog wheel).

  2. Choose Auto translation

  3. Click Proceed to auto translate all text.

Always manually edit automatic translations

Please note that the automatic/machine translation feature is just for supplementary assistance, and you should never rely on the quality of machine translated text (the screen shot above has machine translated text). It can be used to speed up translation, but will almost always need to be edited in order to get good end results.


By default, Paligo will only auto translate text segments that are not yet translated (text with a red background color). Text that has been auto translated before will have a light grey background color.

In the dialogue, you can choose to re-translate previously translated text by selecting Include previously auto translated text


Text that is either complete or text that has been edited after it has been auto translated, won't be auto translated again.