Check-in and Check-out

Every time you open a topic in Paligo for editing, the topic is automatically checked out. This means you lock the topic for editing by anyone else, so as to avoid conflicts.

When a topic is checked out, you will see this both in the Content Manager and in the Resource View indicated by a check mark:


If you are the one who checked it out, you can open it directly. If not, it will be locked for you. However, Paligo is by default not overly restrictive about checkouts in order not to hamper your work - a user can check in someone else's documents, in case someone forgets to check in before going on vacation or is otherwise unavailable:


If you always want to check in when you close the editor (recommended), just check this preference in the Settings inside the Editor:


In the Resource View you can hover your cursor over the checkmark to see who has checked an item out: