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Connect Paligo to a Different Slack Workspace

If your Paligo instance is already connected to a Slack workspace and you want to connect it to a different one:

  1. Make sure the prerequisites are in place.

  2. Select your profile in the upper right corner to display a menu, and then select Settings. Then select the Integrations tab, find the Slack settings and select Change.

    The Slack integration box on the Paligo integrations page. It has a single button labelled Change.
  3. Select Reinstall application.

    The Paligo to Slack connection page appears.

  4. Use the button in the top-right corner to choose the workspace you want to connect Paligo to.

    An arrow pointing to a square icon with rounded corners. Next to the icon is the name of a workspace, in this case, Acme products.
  5. Select Allow.

  6. In Slack, select Apps (in the top section).

  7. Select the Paligo app from the Apps list.

    The Paligo app icon has the Paligo logo and the message "Get Paligo notification updates in Slack!"
  8. Paligo is added to the Apps section in the sidebar.

    Slack sidebar shown in close up. Apps is expanded to show a Paligo entry.

    You have now installed the Paligo app on the Slack workspace. Next, you can use Paligo to choose what channel will receive activity feed notifications and also what personal notifications you want to receive.

    Each different Paligo user will need to set their own personal notification preferences, and they can do this in My Settings. They do not need to install the Paligo app on the Slack workspace, as you have already done that.