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Connect Paligo to Memsource

Paligo has a Memsource integration that means translation jobs can be sent to, and received from, Memsource without the need for translation packages and zip files.

To use the Memsource integration, you need a Memsource account that:

  • Is a Project Manager or Administrator.

  • Has permission to "Modify setup's server settings". This is related to user rights and you can set it up by editing the user profile in Memsource.

  • Is on a plan that provides API access.

    Paligo requires API access to connect to Memsource.

To set up Paligo to connect with Memsource:

  1. Make sure you have a project in Memsource. When you export content from Paligo, it will be exported into the project in Memsource. You will need to get the project id, as you'll need it for the Paligo settings in the next steps.


    The project id is not the main id name in Memsource, that is just a display name. To find the project id, open the project in Memsource and look at the address field in the browser. The last part of the address is the project id and it is a string of characters, similar to this: jK32Nl001CtTBEwnA0QH8Q.

  2. Select your user name in the top-right corner and select Settings.

    Profile image and name is selected to reveal a menu. The Settings option is highlighted.
  3. Select the Integrations tab and then select Add or Change on the Memsource box.

  4. Enter your Memsource credentials and the id.

    Memsource integration settings have a username, password, and project ID field. There is a Test Settings button, as well as Save, Cancel and Reset Settings.
  5. Select Save and then select Test.

    You should get a notification to tell you that the test was successful. This means that Paligo can connect to Memsource. If you do not get the notification, check that the credentials you entered are correct, and pay close attention to typographical mistakes in the entries. If you still cannot get Paligo to connect to your Memsource, contact support for help.

  6. When you have the integration set up, you can send content for translation directly from Paligo to Memsource.

    For details, see Export a Translation Package.

    We recommend that you ask your translation service to contact you when they have completed their work. Memsource is unable to provide Paligo with a notification.

  7. When the translation is complete, you can import the content directly from Memsource into Paligo. Then you can review it.

    For details, see Import a Translation Package.


The workflow for using Memsource with Paligo is similar to that used for other translation services. Once the connection is set up, you export content from Paligo to Memsource. When the translation is complete, you import it into Paligo. Paligo automatically matches the translation to the content for the source language. You can then manage the translation and release status for the content in all languages.

For details, see Translation Service Workflow.