Copy Publishing Settings

Instead of entering the publication settings manually each time you publish, you can copy saved settings from another publication. This can save you time and help avoid repeat work if you have many publications that need to use the same, or similar, publication settings.

Example 1. Copy Publishing Settings from One Publication to Another

Let's say you have an "ACME 100 User Guide" and for that, you always use the same publishing settings. You have those settings saved, but the save is only available for the "ACME 100 User Guide".

You then create an "ACME 200 User Guide" and you want it to use the same publication settings as the "ACME 100 User Guide".

To do this, you go to publish the "ACME 200 User Guide" and copy the saved publication settings from the "ACME 100 User Guide".You can then apply the copied settings, rather than enter them all again manually. The copy settings are also added to the list of saved settings for the "ACME 200 User Guide", so you can access them from there in future.

To copy publishing settings from another publication:

  1. Select the options menu ( ... ) for a publication and then select Publish.

    The Publish Document dialog appears.

    Publish document dialog.
  2. Select the Saved Settings tab.

  3. Select Copy Setting.

    Paligo provides you with a list of saved publication settings from other publications.

  4. Select the publication setting that you want to copy.

  5. Use the Reuse the selected setting checkbox to control how the copy is used.

    If you check the box, the copy will be a reused version of the original. Any changes you make to the copy will also be made to the original.

    If you clear the box, the copy will be completely separate to the original. Any changes you make to the copy will not affect the original.

  6. Select OK to make the copy. It is added to the list of Saved Settings.

    Saved settings showing the copied settings from another publication have been added to the selected publication.


    The copy has an options menu ( ... ) that provides access to a menu with options for renaming, editing, and duplicating the copy.

  7. To apply the copied publication settings, select its checkbox and then select Publish document.