Create an Index Topic


Learn how to create an index in Paligo. The index will contain a list of terms with a reference to the relevant parts of the content.

If you want your publication to have an index, create an index topic. This is a regular topic that contains a title element and an index element. When you add this to your publication and then publish, Paligo will automatically add the index references from your topics.


You need to add index references to your topics before you publish.

To create an index topic:

  1. Create a new topic (or edit an existing empty topic). When you name the topic, consider how you want your index to appear in the published output.

    There are two different options:

    • "Index" as the title, with the index entries to follow it.

      A topic with a title set to "Index" and below that, it contains an index element.

      This is the most common approach for an index. To set this up, use "Index" as the topic's title.

    • A different title for the topic, with an "Index" subtitle, or other subtitle of your choice, and then index entries following that.

      A References topic that contains an index. The index has its own title, which is "Index"

      To create this, give the topic the title that you want to use. When you add the index element (in the next steps), you will also need to add a title element inside the index. You can set the index title to "Index" or any other name that you want.

  2. Position the cursor at a valid position for the index element. For example, after the title, but before the first para element.

    Index topic with cursor positioned below the title but above the first paragraph.
  3. Use the element context menu to add the index element to your topic. The index option is only shown if the cursor is in a valid position for the index element.

    To find out more about using the element context menu to add content, see Add Content to Topics

  4. If you want the index to have its own title, select the index element and then use the element context menu to add the title element inside the index. Enter the text for the title inside the title element.

  5. Delete any unwanted elements, such as the para element that is included in the topic by default.

  6. Select Save.

  7. Add your index topic to your publication.

    To find out how to add topics to a publication, see Add Content to a Publication.

When you publish your publication, Paligo will create the index automatically, by adding the index terms it finds in your topics. The index entries are categorized by letter and sorted alphabetically, and each has a link.


If your content does not contain any index terms, the index that Paligo generates will be empty. You must have index terms in your content to create a useful index. To find out how to add index terms to your content, see Primary Index References.