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Create an Output Filename Template

This feature allows the Administrator to create a default template in the System Settings, that customizes the filenames for PDF and ZIP files when publishing from Paligo. You can override this with a custom template in the Publishing Settings, see Save Publishing Settings.

By adding more info to the filename, you make it easier for other users to find it and to understand what the file contains. The template is found in the publishing settings, under the section Output file name.

  1. Select the avatar in the top right corner. Avatar_small.png

  2. Select Settings. Settings_small.png

  3. Select the System settings tab. Settings_small.png

  4. Add the information to be included in the filename.

    Default is: ID-Title-Format.

    Output filename template setting. It has a field and inside the field are blocks for ID, Title, and Format, separated by hyphens. There is also a Save template button.
  5. Select Save template.

    The next time the publishing process is started, it will use this template to name the files.