If you have text content that you want to stand out in a certain way, it's possible to create something we call "labels". This is very similar to bootstrap labels (see Bootstrap badges and labels), and in fact the HTML5 output creates just such labels. However, it works in PDF as well.

Example 1. Example labels

Default label Primary label Success label Info label Warning label Danger label

These can be used for any purpose you need, and the names are only markers that will create a label of the designated color. You should not use these instead of proper admonitions (warning, caution, etc).

To create a label:

  1. Add a phrase element with the text content you want for your label.

  2. Add the role attribute and give it one of these values, depending on which label you want: "label-default", "label-primary", "label-success", "label-info", "label-warning", or "label-danger".