To create a table, use one of these techniques:

Procedure. Insert a quick default table
  • Select element table in the Element context menu (AltEnter).

    A default table with title heading row, 1 row and 2 columns) will be inserted.


You can also insert an informaltable from the Element context menu. The informaltable is just a table without a title.

Procedure. Insert a table using the wizard dialog
  • In the Insert tab, click the Table icon (or use keyboard shortcut AltShiftA):

    1. In the menu, select Insert new table. The dialog Insert new table opens.

    2. In the dialog, select the number of rows and columns. In the drop-down lists below, select whether you want a frame around the table, and if you want rules inside it. Select Border for the first, and All for the second if you want a regular framed table. Click Insert to insert the table.


If you do not give the table a title, it will become an informaltable. You can always easily convert between a table and informaltable by just toggling the title using the H toolbar icon or its keyboard shortcut (AltShiftH).