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Cross-References to Elements in the Same Topic

To add a cross-reference to an element that is elsewhere in the same topic:

  1. Select Insert> Link > Cross-reference to display the New Cross-Reference dialog.

    For a cross-reference, you can also use the keyboard shortcut ( Alt R on Windows, Option ⌥ R on Mac).

  2. In the Link Label field, enter the text that you want to be shown for the link. This is what the reader will see as the text for the link in the topic. You only need to enter a label if you want the link text to be different to the title of the topic.

    If you want the link text to be the same as the topic title, leave the Link Label field empty (blank).


    If you are adding a link to a step in a procedure, leave the Link Label field empty. Auto-text is needed for referencing the number of a step.

    Also note that when you add the cross-reference, it will appear as a code reference. When you publish, this will be replaced by the step number.

  3. Use the Internal tab to choose the element you want to link to.

    The Internal target tab contains a list of all of the elements inside your topic that currently have an XML ID. Any elements that do not have an ID are not listed.

    If the element you want to link to does not have an XML ID, you can generate an ID manually (see IDs for Cross-References).


    To link to a subsection heading in a topic, choose the section element of the subsection. Do not choose the title element as the link should be to the section as a whole, not just the title.