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Cross-References to Other Topics

Links and cross-references are used for different purposes in Paligo:

  • a Cross-reference is usually a type of link that points inside the publication. Which means that the source topic and the target topic are both included in the publication. For this reason, using cross-references between topics can affect the reuse possibilities for your topics. However a cross-reference can also reference Paligo content outside the publication (cross-publication links) when supported by outputs like Zendesk or Fluid Topics.

  • a Link points outside the publication, like a website or documents stored on the web.

In a publication, there is a structure that references all of the topics (and sub-publications) that exist in the publication. Each reference to a topic or sub-publication is called a "fork" and has its own ID. This is just for identifying the connection between the publication and the topic / sub-publication and point out its position. It is not the same as the topic's own ID. For example, if you have a "Safety" topic that appears three times in the same publication, you can link to the fork for the second instance and the link will go to the second "Safety" topic. If you linked to the topic instead of the fork, the link would always go to the first instance of that topic.


It is possible to add cross-references to elements inside other topics, see Cross-References to Elements In Other topics.

  1. Open the topic you want to add a cross-reference in.

  2. Position the cursor at the insertion point.

  3. Select the Insert tab in the Toolbar.

  4. Select Link and choose Cross-reference.



    Or skip step 3 and 4 and use the keyboard shortcut Alt + R (Windows) or Option ⌥ + R (Mac) to add the cross-reference.

  5. You can enter your own text in the Link Label field or leave it blank if you want Paligo to use auto-text.

    To find out more, see Auto-Text for Cross-References.

  6. Locate the target in the tree structure or use the quick search.



    Make your search more efficient by selecting which resource types to search for.

  7. Select whether to make the cross-reference towards the topic or a fork.

    • TopicTopic_Image_small.png

      If the target topic for the link only appears once in the publication, then you can link to the topic. This creates a link that uses the ID of the topic. To add a topic reference, select the topic with the black icon.

    • ForkFork_Image_small.png

      If the target topic appears multiple times in the same publication, you should link to the fork instead. By linking to the "fork" you link to the position of the topic in the publication structure. To add a "fork" reference, expand the publication and select the "fork" with the grey icon.


      Paligo adds a cross-reference to the title of the selected topic or fork

  8. Select Save. Save icon.


If you want to change the cross-reference text or apply auto-text, select it to display the cross-reference editor. You can use that to enable or disable auto-text and change the text of the label. For details, see Auto-Text for Cross-References.