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Cross-References to Websites and Documents

You can add cross-references to websites and documents that are hosted on the web. These cross-references use the address (URL) of the website/document.

  1. Select Insert> Link > External Website to display the New Website Link dialog.

  2. In the Link Label field, enter the text that you want to be shown for the link. This is what the reader will see as the text for the link in the topic. You only need to enter a label if you want the link text to be different to the URL of the website or document.

    If you want the link text to be the same as the URL, leave the Link Label field empty (blank).

  3. In the Link Target field, enter the URL for the link.


    By default, external links to other web sites open in a new browser tab in HTML/HTML5 output. If you want an external link to open in the same tab, add an attribute called xlink:show in the Attributes panel. Set the value to "replace".