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Edit Users

If you have an administrator account, you can make changes to other people's user accounts. For example, you can change their user group or their email address.

  1. Select your display name in the top-corner of Paligo and then select Settings. On the Settings page, find the user you want to edit and select the pencil icon on the user widget.



    If the Settings page is in List View mode, find the user in the list and select the options menu ( ... ) for that user and then select Edit.

    The Edit User dialog appears.

  2. Use the Edit User dialog to make changes to the user account. You can change the user's profile image, user name, real name (display name), email address, user group, and user account expiry date.

    You can also start the Reset password process. When you select Reset password, Paligo sends an email to the user and it contains instructions on how to set up a new password.

  3. Select Save.