Emphasis and Bold

You can add emphasis to your content by applying italic or bold to the text. You can use it on text in various elements, including para, code, and parameter.

To italicize your content or make it bold, highlight the text and select the relevant toolbar button in the Edit menu.


Select the Bold (1) or Italicize (2) toolbar option.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts.

For bold:

  • On Windows, Ctrl B

  • On Mac, Command ⌘ B

For Italic:

  • On Windows, Ctrl I

  • On Mac, Command ⌘ I

You can also use the Element Context Menu:

  1. Highlight the text that you want to be bold or italic.

  2. Use the shortcut to display the Element Context Menu:

    • Windows: Alt + Enter

    • Mac: Option ⌥ + Enter

  3. Select the emphasis element.

    The emphasis element makes the text appear italicized.

    If you want the text to be bold, select the emphasis element (or highlight the text that uses it). In the element attributes section, add the role attribute and set its value to bold.



You can use emphasis on text that already has an inline element, such as code. But it is important that the emphasis element is outside the inline element, for example: <para><emphasis><code>code snippet content goes here</code></emphasis></para>