Enable 2FA on Individual User Accounts

There are two ways to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on user accounts.

  • If you have the Enterprise plan, an administrator can enable 2FA on all user accounts at once (see Enable 2FA for All User Accounts). Or you can let each user enable 2FA for themselves (see below).

  • Each user can enable 2FA on their own user account independently. If you do not have the Enterprise plan, this is the only way to enable 2FA.

To enable 2FA on a user account:

  1. Select your profile name in the upper right corner to display a menu, and then select My Profile.

  2. On the General Options tab, use the slider button to enable 2FA for your user account (the background of the slider is blue when 2FA is enabled and white when it is disabled).

  3. Select Save.

When you next log in to Paligo via this user account, you will be asked to provide a username and password and also to set up two-factor authentication. To find out more, see Log In using 2FA.