Export and Backup to XML

Besides publishing to various output formats, you can also select to publish/export to XML. This can be useful for:

  • Making your own backup of your Paligo content. You can import the content back into Paligo at any time.

  • Manipulating the XML further, outside of the Paligo CCMS.

  • Exporting Paligo content and then importing it into another system that uses different XML.

If, for some reason, you need to migrate from Paligo, you can export your content as DocBook 5.0 XML. Before you migrate your content, please contact Paligo so we can help solve any issues you may have.


Do not use the Export to XML for working on content outside of Paligo and then importing it back into Paligo. Doing so can result in duplicate content. If you want to work on the XML content outside of Paligo or offline, use the Oxygen plugin and open topics in the Content Manager widget from there.

There are two variants of XML export in Paligo:

  • Open standard DocBook 5 format

  • Paligo Export Format (PEF). PEF has DocBook 5 elements and some additional elements.


If you want to backup your content and then import it into Paligo at a later date, export it in the Paligo Export Format (PEF).

Export to open standard DocBook XML

To create DocBook XML content, you actually publish to XML rather than export it. But the end result is the same - you will get your content in DocBook XML format.

  1. To publish to DocBook XML, select the Publish option for your content and then select the XML format in the Publish dialog.

  2. Download the result.

    If you open the download, the content is in plain XML text format or formatted XML, depending on how your chosen XML editor presents the content.

Export to Paligo Export Format

You can make a back up of your content by exporting it to Paligo Export Format (PEF). You can then import the content back in to Paligo from your backup file at a later date.

To export to Paligo Export Format, select the Export content option directly from the options menu for the content you want to export. You can export the content as a folder or a single component.


You can use the Import content option to import Paligo Export Format backups into Paligo.