Faster Page Loading with Ajax Loading

You can significantly improve the page loading times for HTML5 help centers by enabling ajax loading. With this feature enabled, when you open a new topic in the published output, the browser will load only the content of the new topic, rather than every part of the web page (header, navigation features, etc.).

Ajax loading is available for HTML5 help centers only and you can enable it on an HTML5 help center layout. But note that if you enable Ajax loading, links in your content will not work when you view the content locally. But they will work as expected when you host your content on a web server.

  1. Select Layout and edit the layout you are going to use for publishing.

  2. In the Layout Editor, select the General category and then scroll down to the Ajax load content box.

  3. Choose Enable to activate Ajax loading. (To disable it, you can choose Disable or Default).

  4. Select Save.


There is a HTML5 Help Center Preloaded layout template that also provides fast page loading times. This layout also uses an ajax variant, but it works offline without publishing to a web server. This type of layout can be useful for smaller outputs, where you provide your help center on a local computer. But it does not support all of the help center features.

If you have larger publications, with hundreds or thousands of pages, use the main HTML5 Help Center layout and enable ajax instead.