Filter Inline Content

You can use the phrase element to apply filters to inline content. This is useful when you need to filter part of a block element, for example, if you wanted to filter one sentence in a paragraph rather than the entire paragraph.

To filter inline content:

  1. Select the content you want to filter.

  2. Press Alt and Enter (Windows) or Option ⌥ and Enter (Mac) to display the Element Context Menu.

  3. Add the phrase element.

    Paligo inserts your selected content into the phrase element.

  4. Click in your selected content so that the phrase element is shown in the Element Structure Menu.

  5. In the Element attributes section, add the filter condition that you want to apply to the phrase. This works in the same way as filtering any other element, for example, you could set an xinfo:country attribute if you wanted to be able to include/exclude the phrase based on the country.


    To find out about filter types, see Filter Attributes.

  6. Set the value for the filter and apply it to your phrase element.

    To find out about filter values, see Filter Block Elements in a Topic.

  7. Select Save.

When you publish, you can choose which filters to apply to your content. As the inline content is now wrapped in a phrase element, it can be filtered in the same way as any other element. The settings you choose when you publish will determine whether the phrase is included or excluded from the published content.