Images and Video

There are several types of image elements in Paligo:

  • mediaobject: the most common element for images. It is both used standalone, as an image where there is no need for a title, e.g in steps. But also for videos, then containing a videoobject element.

    The easiest way to add a video is by using the toolbar icon.

  • inlinemediaobject: This must always be used inline in text. It is used mainly for small icons and the like. If using the keyboard shortcut for images when inside text, you will automatically get an inlinemediaobject.

  • figure: If you need more infrastructure around your image, such as a title, and perhaps a list or a table that are closely connected to the image, you can use a figure, which will then wrap the mediaobject.

  • informalfigure: This is the same as a figure, but with no title.


    You can switch between these easily, by toggling the title with the Header icon in the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut AltShiftH.

Example 1. A figure
<figure><title>The Pythagorean Theorem Illustrated</title>
    <imagedata fileref="figures/pythag.png"/>
<caption><para>An illustration of the Pythagorean Theorem</para></caption>

See Also

For full descriptions of these elements, see mediaobjectinlinemediaobjectfigureinformalfigure.