Include or Exclude Missing Translations for PDF

By default, if you publish a document to PDF and that document has missing translations, those parts are included in the source language. If you prefer, you can set Paligo to exclude the missing translations so that readers only see the content that has been translated.

For example, let's say you have a document that is written in English and translated to German. You write the content, get it translated and then publish to both languages. Later you decide to add a "Customer support" topic to the document, so you write that in English, and publish to both languages, even though it has not been translated. This results in the German version containing the "Customer support" topic in English, and the elements on that page are prefixed with [en] and are shown in red with a pale red highlight.

A page from a PDF output. It has German text in the header and Deutsch in a language sidebar. The title and content on the page is in English and each element has an [en] prefix. The English content is shown as red text with a light red background.

If you prefer to hide untranslated content, you can choose to exclude it in the PDF layout settings:

  1. Select Layout and then edit the PDF layout you are going to use for publishing. Alternatively, you can create a new PDF layout and edit that.

  2. Select General > Languages.

  3. Set Hide missing translations to Enabled if you want Paligo to exclude the missing translations from the PDF. Set it to Disabled if you want Paligo to include the missing translations, so that they appear in the source language. If you select Disabled, missing translations will have the source language ISO code in square brackets as a prefix and the untranslated content is in red with a light red background.

    Hide missing translations setting. It is set to default but also has enabled and disabled options.
  4. Select Save.

When you publish a document with this PDF layout, Paligo will include or exclude the missing translations, depending on your choice in the layout.