Index Topics and References


Learn how to set up an index in Paligo and add index references to your topics.

Paligo has several index-related elements that you can use to create an index with references to your topics. These are especially useful in PDF outputs, where users are more likely to need to refer to an index to find out where certain subjects are explained in a document. With HTML and other outputs that will be read digitally, the index is often less useful as there is a search tool to use instead. However, you may still decide to include an index in your online content too.

A PDF output showing an index with many index entries. They are ordered into 3 equal sized columns.

To set up an index for your Paligo content:

  1. Create an Index Topic and add it to your publication.

  2. Add Index References to your content.

  3. Edit your PDF layout to set the number of columns for the index and the column spacing (PDF outputs only).

  4. Publish your content.

    To find out how to publish, see Publishing Process.


Paligo can generate and sort your index automatically, as long as you have created an Index topic and there are index references in your content.