Informal Topics for Reusing Multiple Elements

You can use a special type of topic called an informal topic to reuse a collection of elements. For example, if you wanted to reuse a paragraph and an image together, you could create an informal topic, and add the paragraph and image to that. Then, you could insert the informal topic into as many regular topics as needed.

To find out how to create and reuse informal topics, watch the video or read the instructions below.

  1. In the Content Manager, select the options menu ( ... ) for the folder that you want to use to store your informal topics, and then select Create Content.

  2. Enter a name for the informal topic and then select the Informal Topic option.

  3. Choose the Language(s) to support and then select OK.

  4. Select the informal topic to open it in the editor.

  5. Add your content to it in the same way that you add content to a regular topic and save when you are finished.

  6. Find a regular topic that you want to add the informal topic to, and open it in the editor.

  7. Select Insert > Component.

  8. Browse to the informal topic and select OK.

    Paligo adds the reused informal topic to the topic.

  9. Save the topic.

  10. Repeat steps 6-10 inclusive for each topic that needs to contain the informal topic's content.