Getting Started

Initial Settings

We recommend that you enable the following features in your Paligo instance:

  • Consecutive branching

  • Persistent image filenames

We do not enable them by default as we need to ensure backwards compatibility with previous versions of Paligo.

To enable the settings, you need to have an admin user account.

  1. Select your profile name in the upper right corner to display a menu, and then select Settings.

  2. Select the System Settings tab.

  3. Enable the Consecutive Branching feature.


    Branches are a way of creating different versions of your content. For example, you could create a branch of version 1.0 of a publication to create a version 2.0. When you enable the consecutive branching feature, it means you can create a new branch from an existing branch.

  4. Enable the Persistent image filenames feature.


    With persistent image filenames, Paligo uses a UUID (unique identifier) for each image. This means that images have an identifier that does not change, rather than a name that could change. As the UUID does not change, it is easier to manage updates as the names are always the same. and this is often better for managing updates.

    We recommend that Persistent image filenames is enabled. If it is disabled, Paligo will generate random filenames for the images each time you publish.