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Inserting 3D models

You can insert fully interactive 3D models in your HTML5 Help Center output, which you can rotate, zoom in and out, and have interactive callouts in.

3D Models

Paligo supports the same formats as SketchFab for embedding 3D models in HTML. This includes most common 3D formats, such as formats for Solidworks, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, and many more.

Inserting a 3D model works very similar to how you insert a video, and in fact you use the same element, i.e a mediaobject with a videoobject (most easily inserted through the toolbar menu command Insert video).


Currently, the 3D hosting platform supported for inserting 3D models is SketchFab ( There are different accounts available from free to Business with private access.

Should you be interested in support for another 3D hosting platform, please submit a request to support.

  1. Create an account on Sketchfab, if you don't already have one.

  2. Upload 3D models to the platform.

  3. Open the embed code on a 3D object you want to add in Paligo. Get only the value in the src attribute.

  4. Paste the src attribute value in the widget for the videoobject element, or in the fileref attribute in the Element attributes widget on the right (with the videodata element selected).