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User Accounts

If you have a Paligo administrator user account, you can add new users, and edit or remove existing users. Each user account has a certain user type, which affects what that user can use. For example, a reviewer user can review content that is sent to them as an assignment, but they cannot change the content and they do not have access to the full editor in Paligo.

When adding new users, you can either:

  • Add each user individually

  • Bulk import a CSV file that contains many user details. With the bulk import, Paligo imports many users at once and creates a user account for each person listed in the CSV file. Bulk imports are a convenient way of adding multiple users.


You can choose which users are administrators. But be aware that administrators have permissions to make global changes such as adding users, which may affect the cost of licensing.

To find out more about managing users, see:

You can also create and manage user groups, which are collections of users. With these, you can create teams of users or any collection of users that you need, and allocate assignments to them. This is quicker than allocating an assignment to each member of a group individually. To find out more, see User Groups.