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May 2018 Release

Updated May 24, 2018:

 An even more powerful Paligo

The biggest update this time is about performance: We've upgraded the entire platform architecture of Paligo to make the system faster in almost every respect!


We think you'll notice that everything from releasing publications to exporting translations will be faster than before, and your entire experience working with your technical documentation will be even smoother.

Teaser: not only that, this upgrade also paves the way for some of the really exciting new features we've got in store for you this fall!

(Release date 2018-05-26)

Greatly improved Version Compare

We recently announced our partnership with DeltaXML, the market leader on XML comparison technology. Initially we implemented this on the branch merging feature.


Now we've also implemented it for the Version Compare feature in the Review interface. The results are very accurate views of exactly what changed between the last review or release of your publication!

Taxonomies as filters

If you have the taxonomies in your plan, you can now use taxonomies not just for organizing and outputting to HTML, you can also use it for filtering!

The cool thing about this is with taxonomies, filtering can be inherited, because of the tree structure of taxonomies. Read more about it in the section about taxonomies!


Zendesk publishing improvements

Well, we release continuously, so you may have already discovered this if you publish to Zendesk. But if you haven't, it's now much easier to select which category to publish to directly in the publish dialog. Paligo will fetch the categories you have in your account, and let you select the right one right there.


If you publish to multiple categories with links between them, Paligo can resolve those too even if they are not published in the same publication.

What's more, if you have the Enterprise plan (or the add-on), you can also have multiple Zendesk accounts.

More convenient batch publish

The batch publish has been improved, with a more convenient interface for the queue of publications.


(Release date 2018-05-26)

Word output customization

If you are publishing output to Word, it's now much easier to customize that output. Just create a layout and then customize a template that you upload. See more in Publishing to MS Word.


Creating translation packages

When you create a translation package, it's now more visible and intuitive how to do this directly from the Resource View, so you don't have to enter the translation view each time you need to send translations off to your translation provider.


Personal data security options (GDPR)

As if you haven't heard enough about the GDPR already... :-) But it's there and we all need to work with it. So we decided also to make it easier for you, when publishing from Paligo, to include the cookie consent bar often required to comply with these regulations.


Easier to add your own javascript

You now have a couple of options for adding your own javascript in the output directly in the Layout Editor. Add whatever you need to do cool stuff to your content when published!


And much more...

  • Lightbox and thumbnail options for images in HTML5 output

  • Automatically create a sitemap for search engines in your HTML5 output, with several options available

  • Several options for creating "alt" attributes in your HTML output, for SEO and accessibility

  • Algolia search support for the new Help Center output

  • Easily customizing the text string for cross-references and page references

  • Creating "Bootstrap style" labels (for both HTML5 and PDF)

  • Keyboard shortcut to make "accordions" for HTML5 more easily

  • Many more options for both HTML5 and PDF layouts

  • Improved search using quotation marks for more exact matches

  • Fixed permalink names to override the auto-created ones, using the xinfo:outname attribute