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MS Teams Activity Feed Notifications

This is the same type of information that is shown in the Activity Feed on your Dashboard in Paligo.

Paligo can send activity feed notifications to a public team channel in Microsoft Teams. These notifications can be seen by anyone who has access to the channel.

To see activity feed notifications in MS Teams, expand the Team and then select the team channel. The activity feed notifications from Paligo should be listed. They contain information about the event and the user responsible for the event, and also a link to take you to the appropriate place in Paligo.

MS Teams display showing that a team is expanded and a channel is selected. The feed for the channel shows channel notifications from Paligo.


You will only get activity feed notifications if your Paligo-to-MS Teams integration has been set up to receive them. To find out more, see Connect Paligo to MS Teams.

To change the channel that receives activity feed notifications, see Change the Channel and Filters for MS Teams Notifications

To change the filters that control what activity feed notifications are sent by Paligo, see Change the Channel and Filters for MS Teams Notifications.