MS Teams Integration


Do you use Microsoft Teams? With the Paligo-MS Teams integration, you can get your Paligo notifications in MS Teams too. Paligo can send notifications to a Team channel of your choice and you can get direct messages from the Paligo app too.


With Paligo's Microsoft Teams integration, you can get all of your Paligo notifications to appear in your Teams channels too. So if you use MS Teams, you can get all of your messages and notifications in one place.

The Paligo-MS Teams integration is available on the business plan. You can use it to:

  • Choose how often you receive Paligo notifications in MS Teams.

  • Send Paligo event notifications to a team channel of your choice. We call these activity feed notifications, as they are the same as the messages that appear in the activity feed on the Paligo dashboard.

  • Send "personal" notifications to each user. These appear as direct messages sent from the Paligo app.


To send "personal" Paligo notifications to MS Teams, the Paligo-to-MS Teams integration has to be set up to use the Paligo App. This will allow Paligo to send activity feed and personal notifications to MS Teams. Alternatively, there is a Webhook that allows activoty feed notifications, but not personal notifications.

Activity Feed Notifications and Personal Notifications

Paligo can send two types of notifications to MS Teams: activity feed notifications and Personal notifications.

Activity feed notifications are sent to a Team channel in MS Teams.

You can set up Paligo so that it sends only activity feed notifications, only personal notifications, or both activity feed and personal notifications.

To do this, you first need to make sure you have prepared for MS Teams integration. You can then connect Paligo to MS Teams.

Preparation for MS Teams Integration

To set up Paligo to send notifications to MS Teams, you need:

  • A Paligo user account that has Administrator permissions.

  • MS Teams with at least one team set up with one or more channels

  • A Microsoft user account for each person who will use your MS Teams.

When you are sure you have these in place, you can set up the Paligo to MS Teams integration. This involves installing the Paligo application in your MS Teams workspace.

How to Connect Paligo to MS Teams

To learn how to set up Paligo so that it can send notifications to MS Teams, see Connect Paligo to MS Teams