November 2017 Release

Updated November 11, 2017:

This update has some major updates, especially concerning review, workflow, and release management!

Improved Review features 

We've made some major updates to the review features that we think you'll really like:

  • Authors have often told us they're jealous of the commenting features in the Review interface, and want the same capabilities right in the editor. Well, now you do!


    When you select a segment of text or a comment in the widget, the two sync beautifully to easily see where it belongs.

  • Another very often requested feature is to be able to set the status on issue conversations, such as marking them as Done. Well... Done!


    This can be done both on individual comments and entire conversations.

  • And that's not all, conversations can now also be archived, hiding them so you don't have to see them when they are taken care of. But you can choose to view them at any time if you need to:

  • It's also much more intuitive now for reviewers to complete their assignments directly in the Review:

See workflow status in the Content Manager

Previously you had to go to the Resource View to see workflow status for components. Now it's easily available as a small colored dot on each object right in the Content Manager (green for Released, purple for In review, and blue for In translation).

Better Release management

We've changed the default handling of release status changes, automatically making sure all changes are logically made in all the right places, so you don't have to think about it!.


Read more about this and much more in Changing Workflow for Reused Content.

Easier to change workflow status when opening a topic

Have you ever tried to open a topic only to be met with the notification that it's in Released state or In Translation and cannot be edited?

That's a good thing, of course, but if you really intended to start working on a new version, wouldn't it be great to be able to change it right there? Now you can:


This update is closely tied to the changes in workflow and release management too, making workflow changes much more seamless. Read more in Starting a New Version.

Restore previous releases at the click of a button 

You've always had a "release snapshot" stored every time you make a major or minor release. However, if you needed to restore it to make some changes and re-publish it, that used to be rather complicated.

Now restoring a release is as easy as the click of a button:

Other new features and improvements 

Apart from the major updates above, there have been a great number of other improvements as well:

  • Easier to add "side by side" images:

    This is something often requested, and it's always been perfectly doable, but a bit complicated. Now you have the option right in the Insert image button in the toolbar:

  • New HTML5 option available: creating the TOC (table of contents) as a separate file. This can be good for a number of reasons, and it works as a standalone offline output as well, not only on a server, which is often the case otherwise with such outputs.

  • More flexibility in API style output: you can now use more options to decide when to exclude content from the sidebar, and more.


    Read more in API Documentation

  • Support for Wistia videos: Apart from the video platforms we've supported before by default, YouTube and Vimeo, we've now added Wistia to the list that works out of the box.

  • Automatic support for multi-lingual context-sensitive help: Multi-lingual support for this used to require a customization, but now works out of the box.

  • Publication in publication reuse update: Now also works for publishing to Zendesk.

  • More options in the Layout Editor: Front cover text options, page numbering control, removing blank pages, and more.