Paligo to Freshdesk

Paligo can publish directly to Freshdesk, so you can use Paligo's powerful authoring features to create content, while still using your Freshdesk help center to support customers.

Before you can publish from Paligo to Freshdesk you need:

  • A Freshdesk account.

  • One or more categories with folders in Freshdesk. The content from Paligo will be mapped from Paligo to a folder in a category.


We recommend that you set up a trial account or a draft category so that you can test your Paligo-to-Freshdesk publications without making the content visible to your customers. When you know everything is working as you want it to, you can start publishing to your live help desk knowledge base.

When you set Paligo to publish to Freshdesk for the first time, there are some extra steps you need to take, such as setting up an API key and integration. Once these are in place, any further publications to Freshdesk will be much simpler - you will just publish and choose a Freshdesk layout.

To set Paligo to publish to Zendesk for the first time complete steps 1-3:

To connect to Freshdesk, Paligo needs an API key and a folder ID. You can find both of these in your Freshdesk.

  1. Log in to your Freshdesk account.


    You need to log in via a user account that has administrator permissions.

  2. Select your profile to display a menu, and then select Settings.

  3. On the Profile Settings page, make a note of the API Key. You will need to enter this key in Paligo.

  4. Select Solutions, find the Category that you want Paligo to publish to, and then select the Folder that will contain the content. In Freshdesk, you can add new categories and folders if needed.


    Select Solutions (1), find the Category (2), select a Folder (3).

  5. Select View on Portal (it is near the New Article button). The folder's page will display in the browser.

  6. Make a note of the number at the end of the address in the browser. This is the folder ID and you will need to enter this in Paligo.


Next, you will add the API key and folder ID to the Freshdesk integration settings in Paligo.

When you have an API key and folder ID from Freshdesk, you can set up an integration in Paligo. The integration allows Paligo to connect to your Freshdesk and:

  • Import content when you first migrate from Freshdesk to Paligo

  • Publish content from Paligo to Freshdesk.

  1. Log in to Paligo via a user account that has administrator permissions.

  2. Select your user name in the top-right corner and select Settings.

  3. In the Settings view, select the Integrations tab.

  4. In the Freshdesk box, select Add (or Change if an integration has been set up previously).

  5. Enter the connection details for your Freshdesk:

    • Your Freshdesk url: Enter the web address of your Freshdesk. Note that the https:// prefix and suffix are already in place.

    • API key: Enter the API key into this field. Paligo and Freshdesk use the API key to authorise the connection.

    • Folder ID: Enter the folder ID for the Freshdesk folder. Paligo will copy and transfer the Paligo content to this folder.

  6. Select Save and then select Test.

    Paligo attempts to connect to Freshdesk. If the connection attempt fails, check the url, API key, and folder ID carefully for errors.

You have now set Paligo to connect to your Freshdesk. The next step is to publish content to Freshdesk.

To publish your content to Freshdesk.

  1. In the Content Manager, display the options menu for the publication that you want to publish, and select Publish.

    To publish to Freshdesk, you have to use a publication. You cannot publish individual topics to Freshdesk.



    If your publication has topics organized into different levels, the top-level topics will map to a Freshdesk article. The lower-level topics will be embedded inside their "parent" top-level topic.

  2. On the Settings tab, select HTML.

  3. Choose the Freshdesk layout that you want your publication to use.

    As this is your first time connecting Paligo to Freshdesk, we recommend that you choose the built-in Freshdesk layout.

  4. Choose the Languages to publish to. If you do not have any translations, you can only select the original/source language.

  5. If you have set filters (Profiling attributes) on topics or elements, and/or have used variables, choose which values to use for the publication. See Filters (Profiling) and Variables to learn how to use these features.

  6. Select Publish document.

Paligo "pushes" the content in the publication to Freshdesk. Your content is mapped to the folder that matches the Folder ID and new articles are created. Note that Paligo can create new articles, but it does not delete articles.