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Personal Notifications in MS Teams

Personal notifications are messages that relate to a specific user. They appear in external applications as a direct message that comes from the Paligo app and they let you know about:

  • @ mentions of your Paligo user name in reviews

  • Reply comments in topics that you have followed

  • Someone has shared a document with you

  • Production notifications, including when a publication is ready for download or has failed.

In MS Teams, personal notifications appear as "cards" in the Chat section.


Paligo can also send other, more general types of notifications to MS Teams, but these can only be sent to a channel.

To get personal notifications in MS Teams:

  1. Make sure the Paligo to MS Teams integration settings are in place, so that Paligo can connect to MS Teams successfully. You must also have the Paligo app installed in MS Teams.


    If any changes are made to the MS Teams integration settings in Paligo, you will need to re-install the Paligo app in MS Teams.

  2. In Paligo, select your profile in the upper-right corner to display a menu. Select My Profile.

  3. Select the Notifications tab.

  4. On the Notifications tab, enter your Microsoft email address in the Username field. It must match the email address you use to log into your Microsoft teams.

    The Microsoft Teams username setting on the Notifications tab of My Profile. Enter your Microsoft email address here.
  5. Also on the Notifications tab, choose which types of personal notification you want to receive in MS Teams.

    For more information, see My Profile.

    The Notifications tab on the My Profile dialog. It contains various settings for choosing which notifications you will receive as direct messages, either via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams.
  6. Select Save.

  7. Test the MS Teams Notifications.