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Preview a Publication for PDF

The PDF layout editor has a preview feature that you can use to preview individual topics or an entire publication. It is especially useful when you are designing front covers and back covers, as you can see the effect of changes you make in the layout settings. For example, you can see how the alignment of an "info element" affects the look of a front cover.

To preview a publication for PDF:

  1. Select the Layout tab in the top menu.

    Paligo editor. The Layout option in the header menu is highlighted.

    Paligo displays a list of Layouts. The list is empty if there are no custom Layouts in your Paligo instance.

  2. Select the configuration to be updated or Create a Layout.


    You can copy the URL of the layout editor and paste it into a new tab in your browser. This can be useful if you need to frequently switch between your Paligo content and the layout settings.

  3. Select Choose document and then choose the publication you want to preview.

    Paligo PDF layout editor. There is a hierarchy of settings on the left side, a space in the middle and a preview on the right side. Above the preview, a choose document button is highlighted.

    Paligo loads the publication, including its covers into the preview pane.

  4. Use the layout settings to make styling adjustments that will apply to the PDF output. For a list of the settings and references to documentation that explains how to use them, see PDF Layout Editor Options. When you have made the changes, select Update preview and Paligo will refresh the preview so that you can see the effect of the changes.

    PDF Layout editor. The preview shows the cover of a document. It has a callout numbered 1 next to it. Above the preview, the Update preview button is highlighted and has a callout numbered 3. On the left, the PDF layout settings have a callout numbered 2.

    Paligo shows the preview (1). Make your changes in the settings (2) and then select Update Preview (3) to see the effect.

  5. Select Save. Save icon.