Preview Topics Before Publishing

You can use Paligo's preview feature to see how a topic will appear in PDF, HTML, and HTML5 outputs.

We recommend that you preview each topic that you create or edit, so that you can see if images need to be resized, if there's too much information, whether accordions would make the topic more usable, etc.

Here, we explain how to set the Layout that will be used for a preview and also how to view a preview.


The preview feature is not available for certain components, such as informal topics. To preview an informal topic, add the informal topic to a regular topic as a component, and then preview the regular topic. (Use Insert > Component to add the informal topic as a component).

You can choose which Layout is used for each type of preview. For example, if you create your own HTML5 help center Layout, you can choose to use that instead of the default HTML5 Layout.

To set the Layouts for the previews:

  1. Select the Editor Settings icon (cog).

    Close up of the Paligo editor toolbar. An arrow is pointing to the cog icon and there is a tooltip showing "Editor settings".
  2. On the Editor Settings dialog, select the Preview tab.

  3. Choose a Layout for each type of preview (PDF, HTML, HTML5).

  4. Select Save Settings to confirm your choices.

You can see a preview of how your topic will look when it is output to different formats. The preview is useful for seeing how your content will look to readers, so that you can change image sizes, consider reducing the amount of text or use accordions, etc.

To preview a topic:

  1. Open the topic you want to preview.

  2. Select Preview.

  3. If your topic uses profiling (conditional content) or variables, select Profile Settings. Choose the variables and filter profiles that you want to be used for the preview. Select Apply and then close the Profile settings dialog.



    You can save the variables and profiling settings so that they are the default preview settings for the topic. Select the Options tab and select Remember Filter Settings.

  4. Choose the format that you want to preview. You can choose from PDF, HTML, or HTML5.

    Paligo loads your topic into a preview version of the output you selected. The preview is shown in a new tab and it uses the default Layout for each type of output. This gives you a good idea of what your topic will look like when it is published.

    Here's an example of an HTML5 preview:

    Preview HTML5 output

    If you make changes to your topic, you will need to generate a new preview. Refreshing the existing preview in the browser will only reload the preview that was previously generated.


To learn more about filtering/profiling, see Filters (Profiling).