Publish Content to Freshdesk

To publish content from Paligo to Freshdesk, you need to have the following in place:

To publish your content to Freshdesk.

  1. In the Content Manager, display the options menu for the publication that you want to publish, and select Publish.

  2. On the Settings tab, select HTML.

  3. Choose the Freshdesk layout that you want your publication to use.

    As this is your first time connecting Paligo to Freshdesk, we recommend that you choose the built-in Freshdesk layout.

  4. Choose the Languages to publish to. If you do not have any translations, you can only select the original/source language.

  5. If you have set filters (Profiling attributes) on topics or elements, and/or have used variables, choose which values to use for the publication. See Filters (Profiling) and Variables to learn how to use these features.

  6. Select Publish document.

Paligo "pushes" the content in the publication to Freshdesk. Your content is mapped to the folder that matches the Folder ID and new articles are created. Note that Paligo can create new articles, but it does not delete articles.