Publishing to MS Word

Normally in single-sourcing environments like Paligo, if you want to publish documents for printing, you should choose the PDF output. There may, however, still be situations where it is useful to be able to publish to MS Word.

To publish to Word, just choose MS Word as the output format. This produces a basic Word document with a standard set of styles. If you need to customize how those Word styles are rendered, it's possible to have a customization where you can define these styles yourselves.

When you open the published Word document, it will ask you if you want to update the fields. Choose Yes, as this will update the Table of Contents.



Word is not a primary output in Paligo, but is rather intended as a way to get draft Word documents out from your reused and profiled/filtered content, possibly to be further revised for different purposes. Even though it will handle most common content, it will not be as powerful as PDF for print output, and there are some known limitations.

Contact support if there is something that the Word output does not handle, to see if a customization is possible.

Customizing Word output

You can create custom Word layouts, but it is done differently from e.g PDF and HTML/HTML5, by basing a new layout on the default Word template.

The process of customizing it is a bit different than the other formats, though, as you do it by customizing a template in Word directly:

  1. Create a new layout and base it on "Default Word" in the drop down.

  2. Download the default Word template.

    (The link to download it is inside the layout you just created when you click it)

  3. Customize the existing styles in that Word document (choose to see only styles in the document in the Style sidebar in Word).


    You can not create new styles with your own names, you need to customize the ones already available, with the same names.

    You can also not create content to be included, all content must come from Paligo. The template is just for styling.

  4. Upload the template into your Paligo layout.

  5. Select this layout when publishing to Word to have your customization applied.