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Publishing to web help using Oxygen


To create a very modern type of web help in HTML5, you can publish directly to that just using the HTML5 format available directly in the publishing dialog. The below alternative is just an option in case you prefer more traditional 3-pane format in standard XHTML.

Using the Oxygen XML Editor, you can create standard XHTML web help output. The first time you do this, you may want to customize the output a bit. Although this can get a bit technical, this is something you normally only have to do once, and if you follow the instructions here it should not be a problem. If you do need help, please contact support and we'll walk you through it.

  1. Start by publishing to XML.

  2. Download the finished result, and go to the folder. Open the Publication XML file (It will have publication in its name) in Oxygen XML Editor. You need to have this file open before you can do the next step.

  3. Create a Transformation Scenario:

    Either use the toolbar:


    Or the menu:

  4. The Transformation Scenario dialog opens. We will use the DocBook webhelp scenario (since Paligo exports to DocBook format). Create a duplicate by clicking Duplicate.

  5. A new dialog is opened for your new scenario. Give it any suitable name you wish ("WebHelp - Paligo" e.g.

  6. If you want to customize the styling of your web help, do the following: 

    1. Select the tab <emphasis xmlns="">Parameters</emphasis>. Then type "css" in the filter text field. That will narrow down the choice of parameters.

    2. Select the one called html.stylesheet. Double-click the Value field.

    3. Type the full path, or browse to the custom css file you want to use. There is an example css with some basic customization in the Getting Started area of the Paligo support site.

  7. Click Ok, make sure your new scenario is checked, and then Save and close.

  8. Run the publishing process (Transformation Scenario) by clicking the little "play" button in the toolbar, or select Document > Transformation > Apply Transformation Scenario(s)...


    Next time you need to transform to web help, you just need to publish to XML from Paligo as in step 1, and then select your saved scenario and run the publishing directly.