Publishing to Your Help Desk Portal


This feature requires that you have integrated with one of the supported help desk portals. See Connecting Integrations.

Before publishing to your live help desk knowledge base, always test carefully! We recommend testing to a test trial account, or to a category that is marked as draft, so it's not visible to your end users until you know everything is working as you want it to.

Paligo will create articles in your help center on initial publish, and update them on subsequent publishing. But it will not delete any articles, should you remove topics that are on the level that become articles.

  1. Open the Publish dialog as you would for publishing to any output format.

    Select to publish any single topic or an entire publication.

    Freshdesk and structure

    Paligo will publish top level topics and all their child topics as one article in the help desk, which for a long publication would be more or less like entire chapters.

    In such a case you would probably want shorter articles in your help desk. To do this, simply create a custom publication with the nesting levels that suit you best for that format.

    Note that if you have links between topics, the help desk will not be able to preserve the hyperlink itself for these help desks, due to how most help desks create article urls. If all topics are included, the link text itself will however be output.

    Zendesk structure

    For Zendesk, see Map Content from Paligo to Zendesk.

    As opposed to the other help desks supported, for Zendesk all links are preserved as clickable links between the articles.

  2. Select HTML as the output format.

  3. In the Output Template dropdown list, if you have integrated with a help desk portal, you have the option to publish to that as a template. Select your help desk as the output target.

  4. Configure your publishing settings, such as filters and variables, if required.

  5. Click Publish document.

  6. Go to your help desk account and check the category or folder you have specified in your integration settings.

The articles will now be there, published as drafts. You can select to make them public directly from within your help desk account.


If you are publishing videos to Zendesk, but cannot see them, you need to enable videos in the Zendesk settings: Why are videos not displaying in Help Center?


If you want to customize the appearance of the help desk, use CSS in the help desk, not in Paligo. Follow the instructions provided by the help desk providers.