Reset MFA Device for a User Account

Administrators can use the Reset MFA Device feature to remove the association between a user's Paligo account and their verification app. When this association is removed, the user will need to set up their account for two-factor authentication again, from scratch.

The most common reasons for resetting an MFA device are that a user has:

  • Lost their smartphone (or other device that runs the authentication app) and has also lost their backup code.

  • Had their device(s) stolen and you want to prevent the device(s) from being used to access Paligo.

  • Had their location removed from the list of trusted locations.

To reset the association between a user account and a verification app:

  1. Log in to Paligo as an administrator.

  2. Select your profile to display a menu, and then select Settings.

  3. On the Users tab, find the user account you want to reset and then select the options button ( ... ) at the end of the row.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. On the General Options tab, select the Reset MFA Device button. A message is displayed to warn you that resetting will mean that the user will need to set up a new device for two-factor authentication. If you accept that, select Reset MFA Device to confirm.

    Edit user dialog. Reset MFA device button is highlighted at the bottom of the dialog.