Reuse Paragraphs (Text Fragments)

Every paragraph (or other textual block element, such as titles, captions, etc) that you write in Paligo is stored in the database and is available for reuse. By reusing paragraphs, you can save time with content creation and updating, and you can also make your content more consistent.

The idea is to try and write a paragraph once, in one place, and then reuse it wherever needed. For example, if you are documenting software and you have a 'Click Save' paragraph, you can reuse that in all of your processes instead of writing different versions or copying and pasting. You do not need to make special types of content or store them in selected folders - as soon as you write a paragraph and save it, it becomes available for reuse.


Reusable paragraphs are also known as reusable text fragments.

To find out how to use the Reuse text feature, watch the video or follow the instructions below.

  1. Edit a topic and move the cursor to a position where a para element is valid. For example, directly above or below another paragraph or inside a step element in a procedure.

  2. In the Reuse text section, search for the text that you want to insert as reused content.

    Paligo will find any results that are similar to your search term.

  3. If you see a result that is suitable for your needs, select it and choose:

    • Reuse fragment to insert the text as a reused paragraph.

    • Insert as content to insert the text as a regular paragraph. This is the same as entering a completely new paragraph as it will be saved with a unique id and is completely separate from other text fragments.

  4. Select Save.

If you chose Reuse fragment, the reused text appears with a chain symbol. This shows it is reused.

When you add a reused text fragment to a topic, it is made unavailable for editing. This helps to prevent people from changing the content of the text fragment to suit one specific topic without considering the other topics where the fragment is used.

But it is possible to edit a reused text fragment. To find out how, watch the video or read the instructions below.

  1. Select the reused text fragment (paragraph) you want to edit.

  2. Select the para element in the Element Structure Menu.

  3. Select the Edit reused fragment option.

You can now edit the reused fragment. Note that any changes you make will be applied wherever the text fragment is used, and so could affect many different topics.