Reuse Publications

You can reuse a publication by adding it to another publication. This is useful when you have a series of publications that you want to release as one output, such as one PDF or one HTML5 help center. For example, you could create a PDF output that includes a maintenance publication and an installation publication.

To reuse a publication, add it to the structure of another publication. In the output, the reused publication will appear as sections.


Reuse publications by adding them to the structure of other publications.

To reuse publications:

  1. Open the structure view of the publication that is going to contain the reused publications. We will call this the "master" publication.

  2. In the Content Manager, find the publication that you want to reuse and drag it into the structure of the "master" publication you opened in step 1.

  3. In the "master" publication structure, move the reused publication to the position and level that you want.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each publication that you want to reuse.


    You can reuse publications and topics by adding them to a "master" publication. But if you have a reused publication, you cannot add other publications or topics at a lower level "inside" that publication. For example, let's say you have a "master" publication and you add an "ACME 100" publication to it. You can now add a topic or another publication at the same level as the "ACME 100" publication, but you cannot add them "inside" the "ACME 100" publication.

  5. Save the "master" publication.

  6. Publish the "master" publication.


There are settings on the Layout that you can use to control how the top-level of a publication is presented in HTML5 outputs. You can find out more in HTML5 Layout Editor Options .


You can use filters to hide a reused publication's topics in the output. For example, you may want to filter out introduction topics. To find out more about filtering topics, see Filters (Profiling).