Reusing Topics in Publications

You can use each topic in as many publications as you want. For example, if you have a safety topic that needs to go in each of your publications, you can create one safety topic and use the same topic in each publication. Then, if you need to update the topic, you make the changes once, in one place, and they will apply to all of the publications.

For example, let's say a company called ACME produces a range of different products. These all have user guides and some of the products also have maintenance guides too. While each product is different, every ACME product requires users to follow the same safety instructions. So a single "Safety Information" topic is created and this topic is used in multiple publications. The following image shows how the same "Safety Information" topic is used in the ACME 100 XS user guide and also the ACME 240 TR maintenance guide.

Two publication structures shown side-by-side. The left publication is for ACME 100 XS user guide and it contains links to many topics, including "Safety Information". The right publication is for ACME 240 TR maintenance guide and it has links to many topics too, including a link to the same "Safety Information" topic.

There is only one "Safety Information" topic, and it is used in both publications. This works by using links called "forks". When you add a topic to a publication, you are actually creating a fork. What you see in the structure of the publication is actually a link to the topic.


When you change a topic, the changes will apply wherever that topic is used.

Sometimes, you may have a topic that you could reuse if only you could change certain parts. For example, you might need a different product name or a certain paragraph to be hidden. For these situations, you can use variables and filters.

To reuse topics in publications:

  1. In the Content Manager, open the publication that needs to contain the reused topic. Paligo opens the publication structure.

  2. Drag the topic you want to use into the publication structure.

  3. Position the topic so that it is at the level you want in the publication.

    Topics at the top-level in the hierarchy will display as a top-level section in PDFs and as a separate page in HTML. Lower level topics will appear as subsections in PDFs. In HTML outputs, you can control whether you want the subsection topics to appear as separate pages or as subsections of a higher level "parent" page.

    To find out about controlling how subsections are used, see Headings and Subheadings.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Repeat the process for each publication that needs to use the topic.


To reuse a topic multiple times in the same publication, you will need to set up the topics differently, so that the search can differentiate between each instance of the topic. For details, see Reuse a Topic Multiple Times in the Same Publication.