Revert to Earlier Revisions

You can revert content back to an earlier revision. This is especially useful when you have multiple people working on the content and somebody makes an unwanted change. For example, a contributor may add lots of technical detail to a paragraph that you, as the technical writer, feel is more detail than the reader needs. So you can revert the paragraph to a previous revision to "undo" the changes the contributor made.

You can revert:

  • A publication

  • Entire components, such as topics and informaltopics

  • Individual text fragments (paragraphs).

Revert a Publication to a Different Revision


Use a publication's Revisions feature to restore a previous version of the publication. This is useful if you have changed the structure of a publication and want to go back to how it was before.

Use the Revisions feature to revert a publication back to a previous version. This is really useful if you have made changes to the structure of a publication, and then decide that you need to go back to how it was before.

Each time you save changes to a publication's structure, Paligo stores a record of the publication at that point in time. Each record is called a revision and you can revert back to any available revision. For example, if you make changes to the structure of a publication on July 1st, but change your mind and want to revert back to how it used to be, you can revert back to a revision from an earlier date.


It is possible that you could revert back to a revision of a publication that links to topics that no longer exist, as they have been deleted. In this scenario, Paligo will recreate those topics, and try to add as much of the metadata as possible, including the ID. If the metadata ID is added to the topic, you may be able to use revision for the topic to restore the topic's content. If not, you will need to add the content manually.

  1. In the Content Manager, select the publication that you want to revert back to an earlier revision. When you select the publication, it opens in the structure view by default.

    Structure view of a publication. In this view, you can create a hierarchical structure of topics, like a table of contents.
  2. Select Revisions at the bottom of the structure view to display the Revisions dialog.

    Revisions list for a publication. The revisions list contains a list of the revisions ordered by date. Each revision has a date link and a revert button. On the right, there is a preview panel.
  3. Select the date for the revision that you want to look at. When you select the date, a preview of the publication's structure is shown. You can expand and collapse the different levels of the preview, if needed.

    Preview panel for the revisions of a publication. It shows the structure that was in place when the revision was created. You can expand and collapse the structure, just like you can in the publication's structure view.
  4. When you have found the revision that you would like to restore to, select its Revert button.

    Paligo will restore the publication revision that you have selected.


To delete a revision so that it is no longer available, select the date on the Revisions dialog and then select Remove revision at the bottom of the preview panel.

You can revert a topic to a previous revision of the topic. If you decide against the change, you can revert it back to another revision.

  1. Find the component in the Content Manager. Select its options menu ( ...) and then select Revisions.

  2. Find the revision you want to revert to.

  3. Select the options menu ( ... ) for the revision and then select Revert to this revision.


    The topic reverts back to the revision you selected.


You can also create a new document from an older revision if you want. It will be placed in the same folder as the current topic. It is also possible to download an export XML file of a revision.

You can revert a text fragment, such as a paragraph, back to a previous revision. For example, if someone has added incorrect information to a paragraph, you can change it back to the correct content from an earlier revision.

  1. Open the topic that contains the text fragment and then select the text fragment.

  2. In the element structure menu, select the para element and then select Text > Show history.

  3. Select the Date link for the revision you want to revert to.

    Paligo shows a preview of the revision.

  4. Select Revert version.


If your text history contains revisions that are duplicates or are no longer needed, you can delete them.