Reviews and Contributions

Paligo has built-in review and contribution features that allow you and your colleagues to really collaborate as a team on your documentation.

  • Use the Review features to get feedback from other users, such as subject matter experts (SMEs). Reviewers can add comments to your content, but they cannot make changes to the content or create new content.

  • Use the Contributor Plus features when you want subject matter experts or other users to create new content or edit existing content.


Reviews and contributions are set as assignments and are linked to Paligo's built-in project management features and the planner. People are expected to complete their review or contribution within a set time period.

But you can also share content with other users. Sharing works in a similar way to review and contribution assignments, except that there is no project management. Shared documents do not have set time periods and do not appear on the planner.

The table describes the different license types and what capabilities they have for editing or reviewing:

User Account

Can Access these editors

Paligo Author (full license)

All editors (including the full Paligo XML Editor) and interfaces

Contributor Plus

Contributor Plus Editor (Edit mode), Review mode, Translation mode


The Contributor Plus Editor allows for user-friendly editing of text, images, links, and other content.

It does not allow a Contributor to use the more advanced reuse features, such as filters, variables, reuse text fragments, etc.


Review mode: Reviewing and commenting on content.


In earlier versions of Paligo, there was a Contributor license for a markdown editor. The markdown editor has been discontinued and replaced with the far more capable Contributor Plus editor.