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Salesforce Knowledge Integration

You can use Paligo's powerful authoring features to create content that can be published directly to Salesforce Knowledge. When you publish, the topics in your Paligo publication are mapped to articles in Salesforce Knowledge. You can then set up a Salesforce Digital Experience, where you can present your articles to your readers.


We recommend that you set up a generic user in Salesforce for the Paligo integration. This user will then still be available for use if people leave your organization.

Preparation for Salesforce Integration

Before you can publish to Salesforce Knowledge, you need:

  • Paligo Enterprise plan or Business plan with Salesforce integration as an add-on

  • Salesforce Enterprise plan or above. Alternatively, a different plan with "Web services API" purchased as an add-on from Salesforce.

To find out more on how to:


The Paligo / Salesforce integration is designed for the Salesforce "Lightning Experience" interface.