Save Publishing Settings

You can store your preferred publication settings so that you do not have to enter them manually each time you want to publish. Once you have saved the settings, you can select them from the Saved Settings tab, and Paligo will automatically apply them to your publication. This is much quicker than applying each setting individually each time you publish.


Paligo also has a Copy Publishing Settings feature, which you can use to copy the saved settings from another publication. This can also save you time when you are publishing Paligo content.

To use saved publishing settings, you (or another user) must first enter some settings and save them. Once they are saved, they are added to the Saved Settings tab (for the publication you are publishing, not all publications). From there, you can apply them quickly by selecting the saved settings and then publishing.

To create and a save publishing settings:

  1. Select the options menu ( ... ) for a publication and then select Publish.

    The Publish Document dialog appears.

    Publish document dialog.
  2. Use the Publish Document dialog to apply the publishing settings you want to use. For example, you can choose which profiles (filters) to apply and which variables to use.

  3. Select the Save Settings button and then enter a name for your collection. It is important to give the settings a meaningful name so that other users can easily understand what the settings are for. You can then close the Publish Document dialog.

    Your choices for the publishing settings are now saved for this publication. You can apply them from the Saved settings tab (when you publish this publication).


    To use the saved settings in a different publication, copy them into the other publication.

To save time when you publish content, you can apply saved publishing settings. These are a collection of settings made previously by you or another Paligo user.

  1. Select the options menu ( ... ) for a publication and then select Publish.

    The Publish Document dialog appears.

  2. Select the Saved Settings tab.

  3. Check the box for the publishing settings that you want to use.

    If there are no saved settings that meet your requirements, you can copy settings from another publication. These are settings that have been used for publishing, but have not been saved by a user.

  4. To apply the saved settings, select Publish Document.