Set the Order of Languages in PDF

Use the PDF layout's Language order setting to control the order of languages in a PDF output. The language order applies to:

  • The order of the languages in a multi-language PDF

  • The order of the named languages and translated elements such as subtitles on the front cover.

To set the language order:

  1. Select Layout and then edit the PDF layout you are going to use for publishing. Alternatively, you can create a new PDF layout and edit that.

  2. Select General > Languages.

  3. Define the Language order. Enter the ISO code letters for each language and use spaces to separate the languages. For example, de en es fr will result in German first, English second, Spanish third, and French fourth.

    Language order setting. It is a field and the value has been set as de en es fr. These are the ISO codes for German, English, Spanish, and French.
  4. Select Save.

When you publish a combined language output with this layout, the resulting PDF will have the languages in the order you specified.