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Slack Activity Feed Notifications

Paligo can send activity feed notifications to Slack. These are the same activity feed notifications you can see on the dashboard in Paligo, and they include many types of "system events", including:

  • Document created

  • Document title changed

  • Assignment started

  • Release status changed

  • Snapshot created.

By default, activity feed notifications are sent to the #general channel in Slack. But you can use the Paligo Slack integration settings to choose a different channel if you prefer. You can also use the integration's filter settings to choose which activity feed notifications Paligo will send to Slack.


Activity feed notifications are not the only messages Paligo can send to Slack. There are also personal notifications, such as messages to tell you that you have been mentioned in a review comment. These personal notifications appear in Apps > Paligo in Slack, and you can set them up in your Paligo profile.


You can only change the Slack activity feed settings if you are logged in to Paligo as an administrator. You should also read the prerequisites for connecting to Slack.

  1. Select your profile in the upper right corner to display a menu, and then select Settings. Then select the Integrations tab, find the Slack settings and select Change.

    The Slack integration box on the Paligo integrations page. It has a single button labelled Change.
  2. Check the Send Activity Feed notifications to a Slack channel box and enter the Channel name. For example, here we have used a channel called #documentation.

    Paligo's integration settings for Slack. There is a button to reinstall the Slack application. Below that, an Activity Feed section with a Send Activity Feed notifications to Slack channel checkbox. Below that, there is a Channel name field and two filter settings - one for filtering by user name, one for filtering the type of events. There is also a save button, cancel button, a test settings button and a reset settings button.


    The Channel name has to match the name of a channel in your Slack workspace.

  3. Use the Filters to choose which activity feed notifications Paligo will send. There are two settings - one for choosing the users you are interested in, and one for choosing the types of events. Check the boxes for the users and events that you want to get notifications for in Slack.

    Paligo's Slack integration settings. A callout arrow points to the two combo boxes that you can use to filter the notifications. The left one is for filtering the notifications by user. The right one is for filtering notifications by event. The event options are shown and each option has a checkbox. Paligo will send a notification for those users or events that are checked.

    If you do not want to receive Slack notifications about particular users or events, clear their checkboxes.

  4. Select Save.

  5. In Paligo, do something that will cause an activity feed notification. For example, create a new publication or rename a topic. Then, in Slack, look at the channel that you have set up to receive the Paligo notifications. You should see the notification message appears (there can be a delay, depending on server connections etc., but the notification usually arrives almost instantly).

    Slack showing an activity feed notification from Paligo. It is shown in a #documentation channel.


    If the notification does not arrive, make sure that:

    • You have entered the channel name correctly

    • The filters actually allow that notification to be sent to Slack

    • You performed an action that will get logged in the activity feed in Paligo.