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Slack Integration


Get your Paligo notifications in Slack with the Paligo-Slack integration. With this feature, you can set Paligo to send the activity feed notifications to a Slack channel of your choice, as well as direct messages from the Paligo app.


If your team uses Slack for communications, it can be really useful to have Paligo's notifications appear there too. Then all your notifications and messages are in one place. With Paligo's Slack integration, you can set Paligo to:

  • Choose how often you receive Slack notifications.

  • Send activity feed notifications to a channel of your choice in a Slack workspace.

    These notifications include:

    • Document created

    • Document title changed

    • Assignment started

    • Release status changed

    • Snapshot created.

  • Send "personal" notifications to each user. These appear as messages sent from the Paligo app.

    These notifications include:

    • @ mentions of your Paligo user name in reviews

    • Reply comments in topics that you have followed

    • Someone has shared a document with you

    • Production notifications, including when a publication is ready for download or has failed.

    • Assignment status changes, such as assignment started, assignment approved, assignment canceled, and assignment ended.

Preparation for Slack Integration

To set up Paligo to send notifications to Slack, you need:

  • A Paligo user account that has Administrator permissions.

  • A Slack user account that uses the same email address as your Paligo user account. The Slack user account needs to have permissions to install applications on the Slack workspace.

  • A Slack workspace with users that also have user accounts in Paligo. Again, the email address of each Slack user should match their email address for their Paligo user account.

When you are sure you have these in place, you can set up the Paligo to Slack integration. This involves installing the Paligo application in your Slack workspace.

How to Connect Paligo to Slack

To learn how to set up Paligo so that it can send notifications to Slack, see Connect Paligo to Slack